Ji Won Song
   송지원 | 宋知垣 | VIOLINIST

First Korean to win the first prize in the violin division

(in Korean)

지난 4일 경남 통영국제음악당에서 열린 2017 윤이상 국제 음악 콩쿠르에서 바이올리니스 송지원이 영예의 1위를 차지했다. 이날 송지원은 시종일관 오케스트라를 압도하는 연주를 펼쳐 심사위원과 관객들의 박수를 받았다. 심사위원들의 만장일치로 1위를 확정한 송지원 씨는 유망한 한국인 연주자에게 수여되는 박성용영재특별상도 받았다.

윤이상국제콩쿠르가 열린 이래 5번째 바이올린 부문 경합에서 첫 한국인 우승자가 나온 것이다.

25 year old South Korean violinist Ji Won Song has been awarded 1st prize at the 2017 IsangYun International Violin Competition

Ji Won Song (pictured, centre) has been named the winner of the 9th Leopold Mozart International Violin Competition following the final held in Augsburg, Germany in which three soloists each performed Mozart's Fifth Violin Concerto.

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In 2016, South Korean violinist Ji Won Song won the ninth annual International Leopold Mozart Violin Competition in Augsburg and proved that she is not only brilliant as a soloist of virtuoso violin concertos but also possesses a deep understanding of chamber music. Together with her pianist partner José Gallardo, she presents a program that...
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1st Prize and Seong-Yawng Park Special Prize Winner
Ji Won Song(South Korea)

J. Sibelius violin concerto in d minor op.47
Tongyeong Festival Orchestra
Christoph Poppen, Conductor